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  • Robust light weight steel construction is resistant to external shocks.
  • Lower headroom allows more available space.
  • High-accuracy and high tenac ity spur gear, small dimension but nice performance.
  • Ultra strong, wear-resisting and heat treated Grade T8 alloy steel chain as standard load chain.
  • Surface treatmetn: e lectrostatic powder coating for protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Each piece of chain hoist is operationa lly tested to 150% of the rat
  • Safety facto r(minimum breaking load): 4 times of the rated capacity.
  • Each piece of chain hoist is operationa lly tested to 150% of the rated capacity and issued with an individual Certificate of Conformity
  • Double-pawl and double guide rollers enhance performance, safety and reliability
  • In case one pawl spring is broken or damaged, the other one maintains function.
  • High trength 360 degree rotating top and bottom hook equipped with safety latch
  • Drop-forged top and bottom hook are with sufficient strength and tenacity. In case of overload, it will be deformed without breaking. Besides, the design of hook abdomen is enhanced, to make hanging easier, also the safety latch can prevent hanging tool from slipping out.
  • Unique bearing design for high efficiency.
  • High quality bearing to make its mechanical efficiency improved significantly, mallet hand-pull force bring about maximum work efficiency.
  • Load chain guide mechanism: Excellent load chain guide mechanism to make load chain fed smoothly. The chain guide sprocket is strong and durable.
  • Comply with the latest Machinery Directive and re levant EN safety standards.

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